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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Perth goes gold in top 10 worlds best cities what the!

PERTH has risen to number eight as one of the world’s best places to live in the latest Global Liveability Ranking release.
The city which was once referred to as “dullsville” received a 95.9 per cent overall positive rating.
Australia and Canada dominated the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, according to a new index revealed on Tuesday.
It was one of four Australian cities to rank in the top 10, including Melbourne which ranked number one for the fifth consecutive year.
Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said Perth deserved to move up the rankings and was the “perfect place” to live, work, raise a family or have a holiday.
“The changes we have brought upon the central city area, including economic development and activation, have delivered a greater sophistication to our city’s urban fabric,” she said.
“As our Vision 2029 has unfolded, people have started appreciating the new streetscapes, venues, retail attractions, and other offerings, which has resulted in a positive change in attitude.
“Perth is a proud multicultural and global city, with more than one-third of our residents born overseas, compared to the national average of 25 percent.
“All these factors contribute strongly to making Perth very appealing.”
Adelaide ranked fifth, tied with Calgary in Canada, Sydney seventh and Brisbane snuck into the top 20 at number 18.
Elsewhere in the world civil unrest, acts of terror and civil wars have prompted widespread falls in livability scores.
About 20 per cent of cities surveyed experienced declines in livability outcomes in the last 12 months.
And after last year’s Sydney siege put Australia on a high terror alert, Jon Copestake editor of the survey, said future scores for Australia could be affected.
“Melbourne remains top for the fifth year running, but elsewhere in the ranking the situation is more depressing,’’ Mr Copestake said.
“As well as conflicts in Ukraine, Libya and Syria, the last 12 months have seen protests in the US, sanctions in Russia and shootings in France and Tunisia. The hostage siege in Sydney late last year has put Australia on a high terror alert which could affect future scores.”
The rankings, which provides scores for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide, showed since 2010 average livability across the world has fallen by 1 per cent, led by a 2.2 per cent fall in the score for stability and safety.
The results also showed 57 of the cities surveyed have seen declines in livability over the last five years.
1. Melbourne, Australia
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Adelaide, Australia
6. Calgary, Canada
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Perth, Australia
9. Auckland, New Zealand
10. Helsinki, Finland
136. Tripoli, Libya
137. Lagos, Nigeria
138. Port Moresby, PNG
139. Dhaka, Bangladesh
140. Damascus, Syria
Article extracted from Perth Now 2015.08.18

have you seen Kings Park, Perth WA
Kings Park WA CITY VIEW is AMAZING all pics n video in media page

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