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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Complaining too much can kill - here's the jail break

 “Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.” ~Unknown

When I was about sixteen or so, one of my parent’s friends got into some trouble with the law. When we’d visit him he’d often shake his head from side to side and mumble, my life is in the toilet.

He said it many times, for many years, even when things seemed to have gotten better for him.

My life is in the toilet was his mantra.

At the time I thought it was funny, so I adopted it for myself, until one day I started to believe it. I’ve since dumped that charming phrase and gotten a new mantra.

Things haven’t magically become ideal for me since I did that. I mean, there’s this pinched nerve in my neck and those construction sounds across the street, and I could really use some more work, and…
Type of Drains

Everyone complains, at some point, at least a little, says Robin Kowalski, PhD, a professor of psychology at Clemson University.

There are different types of complainers, according to Kowalski, such as The Venter. The Venter is a “dissatisfied person who doesn’t want to hear solutions, however brilliant.”

Venting. We’re just letting off steam, right? Maybe not. I’ve personally found that the complain drain can be soul draining, not just for the complainer, but for all within earshot.

Other types you may have met along the way (or may be yourself) are the Sympathy Seekers, the I got it worse than you do, and the habitual everything sucks folks.

The Chronic Complainers, those living in a state of complaint, do something researchers call “ruminating.” This basically means thinking and complaining about a problem again and again. Instead of feeling a release after complaining, this sort of complaining can actually make things worse. It can cause even more worry and anxiety.

No one is suggesting you be a peachy-keen-Josephine and pretend all is swell when it isn’t. What I’ve learned in my mindfulness practice is to aim to do the opposite.

In mindfulness meditation, we try to experience fully the truth of the situation, in this exact moment, and allow it to just be. Easier said than done (but what isn’t?) Still, with practice, the need to express our dissatisfaction for things not being how we’d like them to be lessens.
Can’t We Just Call Roto-Rooter?

Running with this drain analogy…

Call Roto-Rooter, that’s the name and away go troubles down the drain!
Sad girl

When I was a kid I loved singing along to those Roto-Rooter commercials. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could “away go troubles down the drain?” Well, maybe we can.

Most of us may have been unintentionally reinforcing the nasty habit of complaining, by virtue of… complaining.

There’s something called “experience-dependent neuroplasticity,” which is the continuing creation and grouping of neuron connections in our brains that take place as a result of our life experiences.

Neuroscience teaches us that neurons that fire together, wire together. Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist, coined that phrase back in 1949. What this means is that whenever we think a thought or have a feeling or physical sensation, thousands of neurons are triggered and they all get together to form a neural network.

With repetitive thinking, the brain learns to trigger the same neurons each time.

So, if you keep your mind looping on self-criticism, worries, and how nothing is working out for you, your mind will more easily find that part of your brain and will quickly assist you in thinking those same thoughts again.

This shapes your mind into greater reactivity, making you more vulnerable to anxiety.

Imagine a truck driving down a muddy road. The wheels create a groove in the mud, and each time that truck drives down that exact spot, the groove gets deeper and deeper.

The truck might even, eventually, get stuck in that mud rut. But it doesn’t have to. Instead of repeating the same negative complaints, we can drive our thoughts on a different road so we don’t get stuck in that negative mud rut.

Throughout our lives we are wiring our brains, based on our repetitive thinking. We get good at what we practice.

If we worry, creating more unease and anxiety, we become stellar worriers since our brain is responding, making it easier for us to worry each time we do it, thus creating our default mode living.

Default mode living is our habitual way of going about our lives. It’s our reacting minds as opposed to corresponding minds.

Our reacting minds are often knee-jerk reactions to something. We often say or do things that we’ve said and done in the past, as if we were in that default mode living, on automatic pilot. But our responding minds come into play when we give ourselves a pause before responding to a situation.

We ask ourselves what’s really going on and what the next best step is. It’s a clearer response in the moment that’s not linked to past responses. So, how do we respond instead of react?
4 D.I.Y. Tips – Stop The Drain!

You’re stuck in traffic and not only are you complaining out loud to the cars that are in your way, you’re imagining getting home and complaining to tell your significant other all about it. You’re practicing this conversation in your head while in the car. Your heart races, your forehead tenses up. It’s all so very annoying! What to do?

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

why you NEED VPN with Public WIFI

Why you need VPN with Public WIFI

What' safest 

It’s best to play it safe when you’re out of the office using someone else’s Wi-Fi 

Mobile data has traditionally been rather expensive in network.

Australia so we’re in the habit of jumping onto free Wi-Fi networks wherever we find them—from cafes and shopping centres to sporting stadiums and airport lounges. These days mobile data costs have fallen and monthly download allowances are more generous, yet we still tend to use free public Wi-Fi when we’re out and about.

The trouble with using public Wi-Fi is that you don’t know who controls the network and whether they’re trying to eavesdrop on your online activities. In somewhere like an airport lounge, who is to say that the nearby “Public_WiFi” network isn’t really being generated by someone sitting at the next table, hoping that you’ll assume it’s a legitimate network?

Even if you are connecting to a legitimate Wi-Fi network in somewhere like a cafe, can you be sure that the network hasn’t been infiltrated by someone who is up to no good? The cafe owner might make a great latte, but what are their credentials when it comes to wireless network security? Would they even know if someone was lurking on the network, watching for passwords and other sensitive information?

If you can’t vouch for the integrity of a Wi-Fi network then it’s best to engage a virtual private network (VPN) to cloak your activities. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device—your computer, smartphone or tablet—and the VPN server. The VPN server then acts as your gateway to the internet.

The benefit of this is that no-one else on the Wi-Fi network can monitor what you’re doing online, not even the network operator. They might be able to tell that you’ve created a secure encrypted connection, but they can’t peer inside to see what you’re doing.

There are plenty of free and paid VPN providers to choose from, although you tend to get what you pay for in terms of speed and security so be wary of using a free service to protect important business data.

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Alternatively you might run your own VPN server in the office and let remote staff connect directly to that server. One advantage of this is that your people are making a secure connection all the way to the office, rather than just to a third-party VPN server in the cloud. Another advantage is that once connected to the office VPN, your people can access in-house servers and other systems that aren’t accessible across the open internet.

As mobile data networks become cheaper and faster there’s less and less reason to use public Wi-Fi hotspots, but if you do, it’s important to take sensible precautions to protect your privacy.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

2017 1st Half Steadfast results point to another Home Run

extract from Ins Biz mag

Steadfast has announced solid growth for the first half of 2017 with GWP placed by its brokers rising 13% to $2.5 billion.   
Underlying net profit after tax also rose 13%, to $30 million, while statutory net profit after tax dipped 4% due to lower non-trading gains.

The increase in GWP placed by Steadfast brokers was aided by the addition of five new brokers to the network and the first signs of pricing improvement in the key SME market.

“We are seeing the first signs of underwriters taking action to improve results and although early days, both the network and underwriting agencies benefited from a small degree of price improvement across our primarily SME customer base,” Robert Kelly, managing director and CEO of Steadfast, said.

Average policy price for Steadfast brokers rose by 1.7% compared to average prices in the second half of 2016.

Steadfast Underwriting Agencies announced $386 million GWP placed, up 2% compared with the first half of 2016.

Looking forward, the business reaffirmed its full year 2017 guidance of underlying net profit after tax of between $63 and $68 million.

Kelly noted that the business will continue to be on the look-out for the right acquisitions over the coming year. 

“There continues to be a pipeline of acquisition opportunities and we remain, as ever, disciplined in our acquisition criteria and due diligence process,” Kelly continued.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

add excitement to every working day

excitement-andrewcredit flying high
Let’s be honest, there are times in business when it’s all a bit of a grind; when every day feels like ground hog day. Add a crazy workload into the equation and life quickly becomes a blur. I would like to suggest a way to change this once and for all, and it’s kind of cool.
Image result for reframingreframing is to change the way we look at things to find the positive to drive us forward.

I suggest that you come up with a theme for every day – as in a theme for Monday, a theme for Tuesday and so on. You put this theme in your calendar and then you make it happen. This doesn’t mean your whole day is spent working on these themes. It simply means you are mindful of them and act accordingly in amongst your regular daily tasks.
What kind of themes I hear you ask? Well, they need to be positive themes. They need to be themes that get you excited and looking at your calendar with a smile rather than trepidation. As an example, this is how my 2017 days are going to look:
"As much as possible I’m only going to schedule the projects I like, the clients I like and the meetings I like on Mondays "

Just the jobs I love Mondays

Image result for feel good at work
As much as possible I’m only going to schedule the projects I like, the clients I like and the meetings I like on Mondays so I really look forward to the day when I look at my list of commitments on the calendar in the morning.

 this page

Change the world Tuesdays

Change the World
For me Tuesdays will be the day where I give back to others, acknowledge people who are making a difference, do my “give back” work, pay particular attention to making every interaction with other people meaningful and do everything I can to make the world a better place.

These are also the days where I will go out of my way to thank people and be appreciative and grateful for everything I have in my life.

Build my business Wednesdays

This is the day where I will be proactive about growing my business.

This means having more sales conversations, planning my products and services, talking to my existing customers about what they need and how I can better serve them – things like that.

Treat my body like a temple Thursdays

These are my health and vitality days where I will spend time really nurturing my body, eating well, exercising more than usual, doing some Yoga every hour and generally ending the day feeling fabulous and looking great!

Learn, grow and celebrate Fridays

Who doesn’t love Friday? When I make the time to learn new things, become better as a person, celebrate my successes over the past week and generally feel like I’m making progress – Fridays will become even more awesome.

The interesting thing about having theme days like this is that they soon become a habit, and you automatically start doing all of these things on a regular basis, not just on the assigned day. Then you can set new themes and they then become a habit after time, which of course means that we are constantly getting better, staying positive, growing and feeling like we moving forward.
Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the most profound effects.

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