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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A to Z of Business Insurance

For all the Risk Managers that need to know a little NOW.. here's the answer

Central Insurance Brokers produced an online menu of Insurance Policies from A to Z

Scroll for the product of interest and discover the basics,
  • The purpose of the cover
  • The settlement options
  • Level of cover
  • Rating factors - What's need to get a quote
  • Premium - approx costs
  • Excess 
  • general tips
The background of Insurance
Our forefathers introduced risk sharing schemes centuries ago. They reasoned that some risks do not occur with great frequency, but when they do occur they bring disastrous consequences to the individual. The occurrence of the risk itself cannot be avoided, but if the burden were to be shared by a large group the resulting economic loss could be shared.

What you can do 
1. Click the link below to view the Menu online
2. Download the PDF version which has full hyperlinks to all sections of the document (100 + pages)
3. Phone their office 08 93688 999 and speak to one of their account managers for immediate attention

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