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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Steadfast says Bobby Lehane shall be CEO of CHU

Steadfast Group Limited
Announced the appointment of  Bobby Lehane as CEO of CHU Underwriting Agencies (CHU), effective Wednesday, 1st April 2015.

Media release 18 March 2015

About CHU
CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (CHU) created the very first strata insurance plan in Australia and started trading in Sydney in 1978. Today, more than 36 years on, CHU has grown to become recognised as the world’s leading strata insurance specialist, underwriting more than 135,000 schemes across Australia, America, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. 
But success didn’t happen overnight or by chance.  CHU has relied on long standing support from many in the industry and has in turn fostered active partnerships with managers, brokers, suppliers and organisations throughout Australia that represent the longer term interests of the strata industry.

About Steadfast
About Steadfast Group Steadfast, established in 1996, is the largest general insurance broking network and the largest underwriting agency group in Australasia. Our network provides services to over 300 insurance broker businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Steadfast brokers and underwriting agencies generated annual billings of more than $5 billion for the 12 Steadfast logomonths ended 30 June 2014. Steadfast also operates as a co-owner and consolidator through its equity interests in a number of insurance broker businesses, underwriting agencies and other complementary businesses. For further information, please visit


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