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Saturday, 4 July 2015

£6m: highest-ever accident settlement in Western Australia secured by Stewarts Law

Julian Chamberlayne, partner and head of Stewarts Law’s travel team, and Chris Deacon, solicitor specialising in international personal injury, settled the High Court case of Sarah Thomas v (1) James Baker and (2) Insurance Commission of Western Australia for £6.25m.
The settlement is thought to be the highest reported award for a paraplegic claimant in both England & Wales and Western Australia, and secures the compensation required by our client to meet her future care, accommodation and rehabilitation needs.
In 2010 Thomas was journeying through Western Australia when her friend who was driving lost control and rolled the vehicle as he swerved to miss a lizard in the road. Sarah was ejected from the vehicle, leaving her with T12 incomplete paraplegia.

Perth man details lion mauling online after safari attack

A young man from Perth has escaped with his life after a lion jumped through an open car window and attacked him during a safari tour in South Africa.
Brendan Smith had landed in Johannesburg less than two days before the vicious attack, he said in a Facebook post tinged with humour, reports WA Today

The Perth man posted this picture of his leg, which he claimed was mauled when a lion jumped through his car. (Facebook)"No later than 36 hours after touching down in Africa I find myself in hospital after a lion jumped through the car window and decided to go to town on my legs," he wrote.
"Pretty full-on but am alive, with insurance coming to the party and an influx of curious Africans wanting to see 'the lion man'.

"Could have and should have been a lot worse but chicks dig scars so I'll be sweet!"
He even posted graphic photos of his injuries from his hospital bed in Johannesburg, showing what appear to be teeth puncture marks.
His post also included a picture of two female lions lazing on the grass, although it is not known if these were the lions that attacked him.

Mr Smith was planning to go on a shark dive south of Cape Town after his safari, but it is unclear if he will continue with these plans.

The Perth man posted this picture of his leg, which he claimed was mauled when a lion jumped through his car. (Facebook)

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