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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Assistance company releases shocking Australian travel stats

Allianz Global Assistance has released statistics on the people it has helped over the summer months and the numbers are quite staggering.

The global assistance company came to the aid of hundreds of thousands of Australian’s both at home and abroad.

“Throughout this summer, AGA assisted 268,366 people or 1 person every 30 seconds,” the company said.

AGA noted that holiday-makers made up a large chunk of the help handed out as people often need help whilst abroad.

“While holidays are a good time to explore new tastes and flavours and rediscover your love of sports, they are not risk-free. Indeed, illness, injuries and accidents represented more than 109,552 cases from Australians this summer.”

On a more serious note, the assistance giant helped to organise a number of repatriations throughout the summer showing just how paramount travel insurance can be.

“In total, AGA staff organised 17 repatriations during the three summer months and four air ambulances.”

On the roads, AGA dealt with a vast number of calls and highlighted two key problems that made up the bulk of assistance.

“During December to February, 53,218 calls for assistance were managed by AGA, with over 10,000 enquiries related to battery problems and over 6,000 due to tyre issues.”

Article extracted from IBO 2015.04.13 

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