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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Australian first Motor Fleet management system available for brokers

An Australian first fleet risk management solution has been launched for brokers.
FleetRisk “combines people analytics and advanced telemetry for safer, lower cost fleet management,” and provides objective feedback on the how and why of driver behaviour, according to a statement from the company.
Founded by Michael Graham and Duncan Ferguson, the company offers a fleet optimisation system which provides real-time data on how drivers use their vehicles, called BetterDriver and its Cognisess Drive platform gives advanced people analytics to help understand why people drive the way they do.
Graham noted that, while 40% of workplace injuries involve motor vehicles, fleets are integral to many businesses.
“Fleets are expensive and risky to run but a necessary part of the workplace,” he said.
“FleetRisk combines people analytics with fleet optimisation technology. It’s tailored especially for light trucks and passenger vehicles."
Ferguson said that the FleetRisk platform provides brokers with “an additional revenue stream,” and helps strengthen all important business ties with clients.
“It strengthens the relationship with clients because their broker is providing information and tools to assist them in the management of their risk. It’s also a significant point-of-difference that can help brokers w
in new business.”
Ferguson singled out one well-known Australian underwriter for helping package the product into a cost-saving platform for brokers in the fleet space.
“We really appreciate the support provided by ProRisk, they’ve helped us package FleetRisk into a turnkey proposition for brokers.  The ‘broker toolkits’ make introducing FleetRisk to clients a simple process for brokers.”
“We’ve a strong understanding of the significant cost-savings organisations are looking for. We act as your fleet optimisation partners – that’s the difference.”

Article extracted from IBO 2015.02.26 

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